West Sussex County Council Elections Candidates 4th May

So the West Sussex County Council, (WSCC), elections are on 4th of May.
In terms of education, they are the most important elections outside of national elections. WSCC are responsible for local education, they provide places, run all schools that are not academies or free schools, set policy, and so on.

The electoral divisions have changed for 2017, so you might want to familiarise yourself with your new electoral division and your local candidates below. And you might want to check that your local candidate is going to fight for the best interests of Adur schools, and your children.

To help, (FAST), have asked all the local parties for their policies around the objectives of FAST, namely to ensure appropriate planning and provision of school places in Adur, ensuring all operate at a safe and good level of capacity – including the opening of new schools. We will publish responses in next few days.

Adur Divisions

1 Lancing, 2 Shoreham North, 2 Shoreham South, 4 Sompting & North Lancing, 5 Southwick


Lancing Division

Conservative, Ann Bridges, 01903 766478, email: ann.bridges@adur.gov.uk, Website
Labour, Lee Cowen, email: granville69@gmail.com, twitter: ewslabour.org.uk, Facebook, Website
Green Party, Paul Hendy, email: info@adurgreenparty.org.uk, twitter: @adurgreenparty, FacebookWebsite
Lib Dems, Doris Martin,  info@adurworthinglibdem.org.uk, twitter: @WorthingLibDemsFacebook, http://www.wor-ld.org.uk/
UKIP, Roger Arthur, twitter: @WorthingUKIP, Website


Shoreham South Division

Conservative, Kevin Boram, email: eastworthingandshoreham@gmail.com Website
Green Party, Andrew Bradbury, email: info@adurgreenparty.org.uk, twitter: @adurgreenparty, FacebookWebsite
Labour, Steve Gilbert, 07725064734, stevegilbert220@gmail.com, twitter: @LabourEWSFacebook, Website
UKIP, Geoff Patmore, 07941 890 146 Geoffpatmore@icloud.com, twitter: @WorthingUKIPwww.ukipeastworthingshoreham.uk
Lib Dems, Drew Tinsley, Email: info@adurworthinglibdem.org.uk@WorthingLibDemsFacebook, http://www.wor-ld.org.uk/


Shoreham North Division

Green Party, Lynn Finnigan, email: info@adurgreenparty.org.uk, twitter: @adurgreenparty, FacebookWebsite
UKIP, Paul Graysmark, 07969 631 743, paul.graysmark@adur.gov.uk, Twitter: @WorthingUKIP, Website
Conservative, Debbie Kennard, 01903 532196, debbie.kennard@westsussex.gov.uk, Twitter: @KennardDebbieWebsite, Facebook
Lib Dems, Steve Martin, info@adurworthinglibdem.org.uk, @WorthingLibDemsFacebook, http://www.wor-ld.org.uk/
Labour, Jed Smith, Twitter: @LabourEWSFacebook, Website


Sompting & North Lancing

Conservative, George Barton, 07756 529 890 george.barton@adur.gov.uk, Website, Facebook
Lib Dems, Steve Creed, info@adurworthinglibdem.org.uk, Twitter: @WorthingLibDemsFacebook, http://www.wor-ld.org.uk/
Green Party, Leslie Groves Williams, email: info@adurgreenparty.org.uk, twitter: @adurgreenparty, FacebookWebsite
UKIP, Patrick Lowe, Twitter: @patrickloweukip, Website
Labour, Michael Thornton, Twitter: @LabourEWSFacebook, Website


Southwick Division

Labour and Co-operative, Les Alden, lha@looksouth.net, Twitter: @LabourEWSFacebook, Website
Holly Creed Lib Dems, info@adurworthinglibdem.org.uk, Twitter: @WorthingLibDemsFacebook, http://www.wor-ld.org.uk
Green Party, Patrick Ginnelly, email: info@adurgreenparty.org.uk, twitter: @adurgreenparty, FacebookWebsite
UKIP, Jenny Greig, 01273 597647, j.greig3@ntlworld.com, Twitter: @WorthingUKIP, Website
Conservative, David Simmons, 07725 054 389, david.simmons@adur.gov.ukWebsite, Facebook


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