General Election Education & More Hustings – 7.30pm, 25th May, The Shoreham Center

General Election Education & More Hustings – 7.30pm, 25th May, The Shoreham Center










Education has become the biggest voter concern after Brexit.

From fair funding, to SATS, Free Schools & academisation, school capacity, league tables, tuition fees, grammar schools, apprenticeships, free school meals, the impact of Brexit on Universities and Science, it seems like that barely a day goes by without there being a major education news story.

The conservative government argues that there are now 1.8m more kids are going to good or outstanding schools than in 2010. They say Education funding has been protected and spending is at record levels. They say that academies have freed up schools and allowed more choice.

Critics argue that there are half a million more kids in education now than in 2010, meaning funding per pupil has gone down. And the National Audit Office says that those increases in numbers and other costs equate to a £3bn cut over next five years. And parents are now getting letters home talking about how schools meet those cuts. They say SATS are crude and unnecessary, tuition fees risk putting kids off, and that grammar schools are an unnecessary distraction.

Parents and even Heads are getting much more involved with a number of groups such as Save Our Schools, to the Worthless Campaign, Future of Adur Schools (FAST), and Let Kids Be Kids in order to be part of the debate.

This General Election is the chance for us to choose our national representative on one of the issues that matters to parent most – Education.

These people will have access to ministers, the ability to influence and cajole, and might even get to make policy.

This is a unique chance to ask the prospective parliamentary candidates for Shoreham and West Worthing their views, to help you decide who would best represent your interests.

There will be a question time type format.

To ensure a fair spread of questions, suggest Q’s on Facebook Page, tweet us @adurfuture or email

There is a suggested minimum donation of £1 to cover costs of venue hire etc


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