School Places @ Adur County Local Committee Meeting, 21st June

School Places @ Adur County Local Committee Meeting, 21st June

On 7th June, FAST held an information meeting for parents about the massive increase in demand on Adur secondary places that is coming over the next few years.

WSCC councillors and exec refused to come to our meeting, citing their belief that their own CLC meeting was the best place for them to answer questions.

County Local Committees (CLCs) are held three times a year, and are meant to be about ‘involving local residents in decision making. They aim to bring county councillors closer to local people and you closer to your County Council.’

Historically they have been multi agenda events, with statutory obligations to fulfil. We were promised by WSCC exec, Tim Loughton MP (see below) and other representatives that for the next meeting, the agenda would be cleared so that the event could be ‘dedicated’ to the issues around school places.

Tim Loughton MP Column in the Shoreham Herald

The agenda, time and venue has now being published (Click here to view)

We have been told the timings on the agenda are ‘indicative’ and as much time as required will be given to the school places

It’s not our event, so we cannot vouch for the content, but do strongly recommend as many parents as possible attend.






Details : 7.00 pm on Thursday, 21 June 2018 at Main Hall, Shoreham Centre

We also gathered questions from parents who came to our event on the 7th, and passed these onto WSSC.

We have been assured that we will get answers to these on the night. These are:

FAST parent event questions for West Sussex

– What is WSCC plan for year 5 children applying to secondary school in 2019?
– What will you do to manage children’s and parents expectations of a place at Shoreham Academy?
– What is the longer plan for future schooling in Adur – and importantly Shoreham specifically?
– What are your plans for transport to schools outside Shoreham (bikes/car/bus)?
– What are the school transport costs to go to different schools? One parent thought it was free to – Shoreham Academy but expensive to go to Steyning?
– Can you develop good and safe cycle routes to Sir Robert Woodard?  Especially important if New Monks Farm development goes ahead
– Statutory responsibility to provide transport, so will there now be funding assistance for transport outside Shoreham locale?
– What happens when SRW and SA fills up?   (asked several times). Importantly, what happens to children in the middle?
– Could SA create a satellite site school like Steyning?
– What happens if all schools in my catchment area are full? (asked several times)
– If all local schools are full, how do WSCC then allocate school places?  Could it be anywhere in West Sussex?
– Who decides on the catchment area and rules?
– Can catchment be changed so more Southwick and Portslade children are included in PACA catchment?
– Why must we wait until all the schools are full before considering a new secondary school – isn’t that too late?
– Does ‘full’ mean a year group or the whole school? Clarify PAN admission
– Question about how future developments, particularly Ikea development & resulting impact from traffic and travel time to and from Sir Robert Woodard and Worthing schools

– Why doesn’t the Local Plan include provision for secondary school?
– When do they plan for extra secondary school provision resulting from new developments?
– How much collaboration is there between secondary schools and the Planning Dept?
– When will all secondary schools be full? What’s the long term planning?
– How can parents ensure that a new school gets built if WSCC can’t build them? Do we need support of WSCC? Do we need support from our local MP?
– Who has responsibility for new school places?
– How long does it take to plan and open a new secondary school?
– How and who checks validity of addresses on application form?
– Is it done by WSCC or schools?
– Grave concern from parents about the wellbeing of a child if they get sent to a different school from all their friends
– Has any consideration been given to extending new primary school beyond year 6?
– What’s the future plan for recruitment of teachers?

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